The Girl Bowls!

The Girl had her 6th birthday on the 23rd of September. Among the festivities that weekend, including a visit to her Nana for a birthday lunch, the Girl, her cousins, and a group of her little friends went bowling.

The music pumped under black light as they bowled. Some were tunes of the day – your Justin Bieber, your Selena Gomez. But, they also played classic videos (“Hey everyone! It’s time to DAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNCCCE!”), including “You’re the One That I Want” from Grease, “YMCA”, from the far away world of the early ’80s, when we didn’t know camp for what it was, but somehow had just as much fun. And of course, the theme song of rhythmically-impaired white people everywhere – “The Chicken Dance”.

But, it really was fun – really!

Here’s a picture! It’s a bit grainy and crap, but it’s arty.


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